about us

ARES PROTOTYPE, is a manufacturing services company in China and we specialize in rapid prototyping and plastic injection molding. We are dedicated to providing customers with high quality prototypes and production parts in very quick time and very reasonable cost.

ARES PROTOTYPE addresses the critical needs of our customers by:

  • Delivering competitive quotes in the industry.
  • Having accurate quotes 8 hours after we receive your quote request, allowing customers to have plenty of time for budget planning during any phase of the project
  • Assigning each customer a project manager, working one-on-one with you to manage the progress of your order, making sure that the parts arrive in your hands just as you expect them
  • Ensuring that the prototypes /production parts will be right in accordance with the requirements and Quality Control procedures

About Ares Prototype
ARES PROTOTYPE is a leading prototype manufacturing service company, and we specialize in rapid prototyping and plastic injection molding. We own three ISO:9001 accredited modern facilities located in Shenzhen, China. Since 2001, we are one of the largest and longest-running prototyping bureaus and we have grown quickly as a result of high quality products and complete commitment to our customers. We opened a second facility in 2007 and the third one in 2010. Ares prototype is the latest established one in this group, and we have more than 10 years working experience in the prototype manufacturing field. We also provide CNC prototyping, rapid precision machining, rapid tooling, producton injection molding, rapid pressure die casting and alumiunum extrusion etc. Our expertly integrated solutions replace and complement traditional methods and reduce the time and cost of designing and manufacturing new products. ARES PROTOTYPE products and services are used to rapidly design, communicate, prototype and manufacture production parts, empowering our customers, designers and other creative people, to focus on their own work.