Q1- How about the delivery time?
Ans- We have all shipment via FEDEX, UPS and DHL, which means that the delivery time is about 2 days plus 3 days for shipping.


Q2- How about the project’s confidentiality?
Ans- ARES will sign your NDA and we will keep your IP confidential and secure.


Q3- Can I get credit with ARES?
Ans- Except in very exceptional circumstances, all new rapid prototyping customers must pay in advance for the first six months, after which we will consider giving 30 days credit. Except in very special cases, all tooling orders require 50% payment in advance, even for clients that have credit terms and typically the balance must be paid in full after the approval of samples. Terms are negotiable with each individual customer.


Q4- How can I pay ARES?
Ans- ARES accepts payment in ONE way:
You can pay by wire transfer bank-to-bank. ARES has accounts in Hong Kong.


Q5- What if we are not completely satisfied with the prototypes we receive?
Ans- If you receive poor quality products, we will replace free of charge any parts that you are not completely satisfied with. We will pay for the shipping.