What Our Clients say about us

Dear Cathy,
The prototype is as we did expect, everything is fine! Very good job! We will use your company in the future as well and we will recommend you to others.


Dear Judy,
We received the parts, they are excellent!
Tell your boss that you and your engineers did a great work, thank you!


Dear Amy,
Thank you again for your delivery and the parts turned out very nice. I have been impressed with you and your team, and look for to working together in the future.


Hi Amy,
Received the jars today, very nice work!
Thanks for putting in extra effort,, I am sure they will be good advertising for you too when people ask who made them.


Dear Anne,
Thank you very much for the parts. The transparency is right what we expected, that’s great !


Hi Wendy,
Thank you for the well finished pictures : they are really nice and we are impatient to receive the parts.


Hi Sandy,
Thank you for your rapid and delicated prototypes! We wish we can continue to work together once we have next project!


Hello Sandy,
We have received the parts today: the sanding on the Couvercle part is exactly what I want and the painting on the Cache part is also very nice! Well done!


Hello Fanny,
Tolerances are good, the different parts are matching very well, especially Cache and Optique parts and the others are really OK!


Hi Judy
Thank you and Thanks to all of the efforts of everyone involved in these projects. Hope to work with you in other projects. Fantastic job!